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The blog of a foodie tragic.

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A collection of recipes that range
from weeknight dinners to plan
ahead affairs, party food and some
of those basic recipes we all need.
Hopefully there is something
here for all of you.


Feeling French? 
Want to master Moroccan? 
Well, I can't guarantee the
results but here are some ideas
for your next dinner party.

I recently decided that the only way to be truly happy in life is to identify what you are really passionate about and do something about it.  For me it was easy.  I am passionate about food and all that goes with it.  Whether it be the consumption of a single perfectly ripe piece of fruit or the decadent journey of a masterful degustation, I am entranced. 

Similarly, the creative thought and precise logistics of a dinner party for friends has, for me, an appeal equal to the almost theatric experience of eating at an establishment that has tuned itself to the fine balance of food, wine, service, ambience (and that other thing that no-one can quite put words around) needed for success.

So, it was not a big leap for me to think of doing something like this. 

Do you like the name?  secondhelping  For me it embodies both my hunger for food itself, and for more knowledge and experience, and it could also speak to everyone’s passion.  If you haven’t yet worked out what yours is, it’s that thing that you want more of.

 Next bite
You have waited and now they are finally here - all the Party Food recipes you have been asking for! 
Coming soon to Feasts from the Past - a vegetarian turkish feast, hommage to some of my favourite Australian chefs and more.
And look out for the original Chicks' Cookbook - over 40 recipes.
a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything
   the object of such a fondness or desire
someone who typically plans dinner while eating breakfast and/or lunch
someone who takes an enthusiastic interest in the preparation or consumption of good food.