A25 – pizza is sexy.

Yes, A25. Pizza is sexy.

Well, it is when you pair the traditional Italian experience of owner Remo Nicolini (this man has some serious pizza lineage) with the modern influence from Ray Capaldi, who was looking for the next thing to do after closing Hare & Grace (preferably one that didn’t see him spend 70+ hours in the kitchen).

A25 Venue

Named after the Autostrade that connects Rome to the coastal town of Pescara, A25 opened at the start of the year in the Chapel St North Precinct – an area that has proven challenging for some businesses – is providing this little pocket of Melbourne with traditional Italian food that has a stylish, playful modern twist or “traderne” as Capaldi describes it which translates to traditional Italian fare prepared using modern techniques.

A25 2

A Sophia Loren mural looks down over diners from the pizzeria wall with the duo’s mantra ‘Pizza is Sexy’ scrawled across it in bright neon pink lights. The influence of Pescara, a town famous for its party vibe, is felt by these splashes of pink, and other touches throughout the space. Designer Luke Henly (who has also had a hand in Fonda, Nutrition Bar and We are Combi) nailed the brief of injecting culture and history into the long narrow venue.

A25 Squid Ink and Truffle Pizza

Design aside, it’s the food that is rightfully the hero.

The A25 menu aligns the traditional with the new combining the influence lauded chef Raymond Capaldi, offering five ‘crazy pizzas’ as well as some much loved favourites, all made with the finest Italian ingredients. The L.S.D pizza pairs cream of dates and Italian sausage, sprinkled with licorice dust, pecorino shavings and radicchio.  You can see their current menu here.

A25 is the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, backed by authentic Italian cuisine and a pair of hospitality masterminds.

A25 Pannacotta

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