Beer Deluxe at Federation Square

Beer DeLuxe Fed Square - Beer Garden Deck Bar

It seems we have finally got the summer most of us wanted but feared wouldn’t show up.  So, as good Melbournians ought, we are flocking outside to enjoy the warm weather, soak up some rays and share a drink or two with friends.  We do it well, the whole outdoor thing: rooftop bars have sprung up all over the city, cafés and restaurants often have terraces as large as their internal dining space, and then there is the old fashioned beer garden.  The newest version of this old favourite is the revamped Beer Deluxe at Federation Square.

Beer DeLuxe Fed Square

It is today’s version of what a pub should be: beer garden, coldies on tap, and some good old pub grub.  Located in the heart of the city, it is an expansive welcoming space where you could easily spend a long summer night – there is even an outdoor bar so you don’t have to stray too far to get the next round.

Beer DeLuxe Fed Square - Carlton Draught Fresh and Unpasteurised Tank Beer

A beer garden needs more than just good design; although with four bars, a burger lounge and alfresco dining the re-fit from Techne Architects is sure to appeal.  It needs beer.  Beer Deluxe has made a somewhat uncommon addition to their notable list of beers: unpasteurised beer on tap.  Purported to be fresher, smoother and creamier, the makers at Carlton Draught claim its the next best thing to tasting it straight from the brewery.  As one of a select few venues in Melbourne serving the unpasteurised beer, Beer Deluxe will receive a weekly delivery pumped straight from the truck into three striking copper tanks in the heart of the pub – a striking feature of the new design.

Beer Deluxe is open everyday from 11:30 and is a great place to head for a cold brew on a hot day.

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