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I drink a lot of coffee.  It’s something I do everyday and I am far from alone.  Australians are some of the world’s greatest coffee lovers, and it’s a trait that is not restricted to the inner city.  Every day from hipster laneway cafés and trendy beachside resorts through to wine regions, country towns and hidden gems in between, we are drinking coffee.  In fact, last year we consumed just shy of 3kg per capita – that’s a lot of beans!

To me, the harnessing of this passion ingrained in our culture, utilising its reach, and using both to bring people together to help the homeless, is a no-brainer.  This no-brainer is an initiative from StreetSmart called CaféSmart.  CafeSmart brings together coffee roasters, cafés and coffee drinkers around the country to help people who are homeless.  Participating cafés generously donate $1.00 per coffee sold on the day to fund local projects.




Simple really.

Actually, if you’re a coffee drinker it does not get any more simple.  By doing what you were going to do anyway, you can help fund local grassroots projects that help the homeless. So this year on Friday August 8, before you head out to get your caffeine fix, check the participating cafés list first.

If you are a café owner and want to support your local community and connect with your customers it’s simple too – just head to the sign up page and take part.

Homelessness is a serious issue.  StreetSmart takes action against homelessness.

What I like about StreetSmart is that they raise funds and awareness for small, ‘hard to reach’ grassroots services and projects.  These projects provide critical services and emergency aid as well as promoting social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for people who are homeless or at risk.  Many of these struggle to get funding elsewhere and have been hit hard with the recent Federal budget.

It’s important to note that 100% of donations raised through StreetSmart events are distributed in the form of grants. To date they have raised $3,031,680 and supported 843 grassroots projects.

So, get involved and make a difference:

Go in tomorrow and ask your favourite café to get on board.

Buy your coffees from the participating cafés.

And on the day: tweet it, Instagram it and share it on Facebook.


Think of it as micro-volunteering.  Drink Coffee. Do Good




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