Duck and oyster mushroom chow mein

Chow mein originated in Northern China (in Mandarin “ch’ao mien” means stir-fried noodles) and was often on the menu when I was growing up. What I like about chow mein memorable is not the specific ingredients so much as the balance between grains and vegetables. It’s an ideal dish to make when you want to clean out the refrigerator as the selection of vegetables and proteins is really up to you.

In this reinvention for Prahran Market, I’ve used oyster mushrooms and duck for a contrast between sweet and umami.


100gm oyster mushrooms, roughly torn

1 Peking duck breast fillet (I used Luv a Duck)

1 bunch broccolini, chopped in thirds

200gm flat egg noodles (chow mein noodles)

1 tblsp grated fresh ginger

1 tblsp grated fresh garlic

2 tblsp hoisin sauce

2 tblsp dark soy or mushroom soy sauce

1 tsp sesame oil

¼ cup Shaoxing wine

1 very finely diced shallot

1/2 tsp Chinese black vinegar

1/2 tsp caster sugar

2 tblsp vegetable oil



Warm the duck breast in the oven according to the pack instructions. Remove then slice thinly across the breast. If Peking duck breast fillets aren’t easily available, you could also cook and slice a duck breast or head to your local Chinese BBQ shop and get some barbeque duck.

Cook the noodles in a large saucepan of boiling water for 3 minutes, then drain and set aside.

Heat vegetable oil in a wok over medium heat and stir fry the garlic, ginger and shallot for one minute. Toss in the broccolini and stir fry for 3 minutes

Add the Peking duck slices, mushrooms and drained noodles to the wok and stir fry for a further 2 minutes.

Mix the hoisin, soy, Shaoxing, vinegar, sesame oil and caster sugar in a bowl then add to the wok.

Toss through to ensure all the ingredients are coated with the sauce and everything is mixed through.

Serve hot with a glass of Gamay.

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Duck and oyster mushroom chow mein

Chow mein originated in Northern China (in Mandarin “ch’ao mien” means stir-fried...
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