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For the six weeks in the lead-up to Christmas, StreetSmart partners with restaurants to ask diners to make a small donation to StreetSmart on their bill. Every table is asked to add $2 or more to their bill, not even the price of a coffee or mineral water. It’s a simple idea that adds up to a big impact on the lives of people who are homeless.

1. At this time of the year, people living on the streets can find life tougher than ever.

StreetSmart’s grants support a diverse range of projects including food, shelter, and funding for the ‘hard to reach’ projects that have limited resources to fundraise themselves. Critical services and emergency aid is also supported, as well as projects that promote social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for people who are homeless.

2. One hundred percent of funds raised by participating restaurants go towards homeless organisations.

Uniquely, all administrative costs to run StreetSmart are covered through sponsorship and volunteer efforts. Grants support a diverse range of projects and services including food, shelter, and funding for projects which assists disadvantaged people to reconnect with their community and tackle longer term issues.

3. It’s easy for anyone to get involved.

During the ‘silly season’ people eat out more, whether it be with friends or for work Christmas functions.  You can make a valuable contribution just by choosing a DineSmart restaurant and adding a small donation to the bill.

4. It’s local

The money collected is donated directly to support homeless refuges and charities selected based on their need and proximity to participating restaurants.

5.  It makes a difference

“Thank you once again for your generous support of our little service!  Our young people, and staff were ecstatic to hear we had been chosen for a grant from StreetSmart once again. The funds will go towards purchasing new whitegoods for our homes, no one can remember the last time we had NEW things for our young people-it has always been second hand!  Thank you SO much again for all your support and hard work in raising money for all the small organisations across Australia.”   Kate, Michael and the young people of Options 

“A BIG BIG thank you to StreetSmart and all the participating restaurants and cafes who raised the funds we have just been allocated. This enables us to buy a computer, printer and office supplies for our new General Manager and first paid staff member. A big step forward to us and we are so very grateful!” The Footpath Library

“The funding StreetSmart provides enables the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre to develop projects that fall outside the scope of government funding.  As a community centre, we get to see firsthand the full range of problems people experience through homelessness.  StreetSmart’s contribution has the flexibility to be applied directly in the areas of need that we see.  StreetSmart gives us a chance to develop services that can enrich a person’s life, build resilience, confidence and connectedness.”    Ken Saunders, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

“The team at The Social Studio are thrilled to receive the support of Streetsmart in this round of grants – the funding means we can deliver a really valuable program that supports young people to develop their financial independence in difficult economic times. Love your work Streetsmart!”  The Social Studio

“On behalf of the service users and the staff of QuIHN we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the much needed funds this street smart grant money will provide.  Not only will QuIHN provide a weekly meal for those in need it also will enable community linkages and referral for disadvantaged and at risk participants.  Huge thanks to cafes, restaurants and their clientele who supports this amazing cause helping us to support and empower those most vulnerable in our society.”

Simon Clough,  Health,Education and Welfare Worker , QuIHN

“Thank you to StreetSmart for your generous grant – we were delighted to hear the news!  There is an alarming correlation between being in state care and experiencing homelessness and the enormous vulnerability of these young people means that access to targeted, personalised and persistent legal support is crucial.  With StreetSmart’s support we hope that our Legal Mentors program will help and we look forward to reporting on the outcomes of the project.”

Elizabeth Pendlebury, Solicitor, Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic

“The team of staff and volunteers at Fitted for Work were absolutely thrilled to receive a Streetsmart grant again this year for our Women Exiting Prison Program.  This is a very practical program which helps women pre and post release to build the confidence and skills to transition into sustainable employment.  As well as financial security, work brings an important sense of hope, dignity and social connectedness.  This grant will directly transform the lives of many marginalised woman and their families.  Thank you so much for believing in us and supporting our work.”  Fitted for Work 

“I would like to thank StreetSmart most sincerely for the $3,750, generously donated to the ASRC for our Casework Housing Emergency Support Project. Your commitment to supporting asylum seekers is of great importance to us as it enables us to help asylum seekers in a very practical way. Access to safe, secure housing greatly impacts the ability of asylum seekers to manage, survive and if successful, fully engage in life in Australia. Without your help we would be unable to deliver this critical service, so we thank you.”  Paul Barcham, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre,


Participating restaurants include the highly-regarded Longrain, Otto Ristorante, Sake Restaurant & Bar, Chin Chin, Mecca Bah, Ole, Mamasita, Next Door Kitchen, Ezard, Urbane, Cutler and Co,  and many many more.

A complete list can be viewed at

Donations can be made at any time on the StreetSmart website

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