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five:am recently asked me to whip up a dish using their organic yoghurt; a fabulous challenge for someone like me who enjoys experimenting.  I thought long and hard about what can be done with yoghurt and in the end dreamt up two recipes.  This one is the first: firm white flesh fish marinated in five:am coconut yoghurt and green curry paste.  The idea originated from thinking about tandoori chicken which uses plain yoghurt and tandoori paste, but I had the notion of using coconut yoghurt firmly entrenched in that strange creative part of my brain and wondered; could I use an essentially sweet yoghurt for a savoury dish?

The flavours of Thai cooking came to mind, not just because of the use of coconut, but the way they carefully combine and balance the salty, sweet, sour and hot elements of dishes.  So I decided to get the sweetness in the marinade from the yoghurt, the sour and the heat from the curry paste and the salt from fish sauce.  The result was truly delicious.  The five:am coconut yoghurt has a very natural taste, none of the overpowering artificial sweetness you find in some yoghurts.  It was easy to make and its now a dish I will cook regularly.


Ingredients for the fish

170ml tub five:am coconut yoghurt

1 heaped tablespoon green curry paste.  I make my own, but a good bought one does the trick just as easily. You can adjust the amount of paste depending on how strong you want the flavour to be

1 tsp fish sauce

4 fillets (150 – 200 gms each) firm white flesh fish remembering to check Good Fish, Bad Fish to choose sustainably.


Ingredients for the rice

1 1/2 cups cooked and cooled rice.  I used brown basmati

1 teaspoon green curry paste

1 small shallot finely diced

1/2 teaspoon grated ginger

1 birdseye chilli (seeds removed) then julienned

three stalks broccolini, stalks finely sliced, floret ends left long

about a dozen green beans finely sliced

small zucchini, halved lengthwise then sliced on the diagonal

1 egg, lightly beaten

small handful thai basil leaves

small handful coriander leaves



Mix your marinade ingredients together in a shallow dish then add the fish ensuring all pieces are well coated.  Cover with plastic wrap and pop in the fridge.  It needs a good half hour in the marinade but can stay in for much longer if you want to prepare ahead of time.  Depending on the size of your stove and your confidence multi-tasking you can cook the fish and the rice together or one at a time.  I have erred on the side of caution and written for those who want to cook them individually.

Heat a little oil in a wok and sauté the green curry paste for one minute then add the shallots and ginger.  Cook for a further minute then add your vegetables.  I tend to add them one at a time in order of how long they need to cook.  So for these it was broccolini stalks, then beans, followed by zucchini and broccolini florets.

Whilst you are showing off your wok tossing skills with one hand, grab a small frypan in the other and cook the egg in a flat pancake.  Allow it to cool slightly, roll it up and slice thinly.

When the vege are cooked but still crunchy, add the rice to the wok and toss through to combine.  You may need to check the amount of oil in the wok, adding a little if it looks like the ingredients might stick.  Remove the wok from the heat and put aside.

Add a little oil to a frying pan and put in on a medium heat.  Place your fish fillets in the pan, keeping as much of the marinade on them as you can – a nice thick covering rather than dripping off.  How long you cook the fish is going to depend on the thickness of the fillets.  Watch the side of the fish and when you can see it has turned white a third of the way up the fillet, turn the fish over.  The marinade that was touching the pan will have started to caramelise, but shouldn’t be burnt – your pan is too high if that is happening.  If your frying pan has a lid, cover the fish.  The steam created will speed up the cooking time and help avoid burning the marinade.

When you think the fish is almost done, return the wok to the heat and add the egg pancake, chilli and herbs.  Wok toss until heated through.

Place some rice on the plate and the fillet on top and you are done!


Here is a little about five:am, makers of the fabulous coconut yoghurt that I used.  I highly recommend you go and get some so you can try my recipe.

five:am is proudly Australia owned and operated.  All the milk that goes into making five:am organic yoghurt is sourced from The Organic Farmer’s Cooperative in Gippsland, Victoria, a group of farms dedicated to upholding the highest standards of sustainable and organic farming.  Each product is packed with nothing but good, clean, honest ingredients. There are no traces of unpronounceable nasties and additives including, gelatine, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, hormones, starches, artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers and sweeteners.

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