It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t something I normally subscribe to.  In fact I usually laugh disdainfully at those who reveal theirs to all.  This year however, I have ended up with some, even though it was far from a conscious move.  They all just occurred to me as things I wanted to do.

We are well into January so I may seem a little late to the fray.  Not to let such things discourage here are the things that made it to the list I didn’t know I had.

1.  If its important – MAKE the time.
Are you, like most people I know, so busy with ‘stuff’ that you never seem to have time for the things, and the people, that matter the most to you?  I got swamped by this a bit last year so this year, I am scheduling time with the people I love and to do the things that make me smile.  Bit of a sad indictment that I need to schedule it, but I am doing it.  That is what it important.  One of my early successes with this one has been doing the giant crossword in the Summer Age every day.  I love crosswords and had all but stopped doing them.  Now I do it each day over my morning coffee.  I may not finish until the evening, but I get there in the end.  No giant crossword today (Saturday) but if anyone knows the answer to 1 Down in the Cryptic, do let me know!

2.  Blog more and blog better.
Says it all really.  When I unburden myself from the backlog of drafts and Cooking Challenge posts I will be clear of mind and well on the way.  Then I can update the look of the site.  And improve my photographic skills.  And optimise the site better.  And just write more.  If for no other reason than I like it.

3.  Pursue the provenance.
I care about what I eat, and where it came from and want to be a more conscientious consumer.
It’s likely that I know more than the ‘average’ punter, but that still means there is much to learn.

That’s my list.

No exercise.  No giving up vices.

Just a few things that will, if I do them, make me feel better, and be a better person.

I will let you know how I fare.

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