Jazz Apples

There are so many reasons to love apples; brimming with healthy anti-oxidants and nutrients they are the crunchy, flavoursome fruit that everyone loves.

Second Helping was sent a beautiful delivery of new season Jazz Apples, one of the newest varieties to come out of Australian orchards.  The product of parent varieties Gala and Braeburn, Jazz Apples blush a pink/red colour and have been grown since 2006.

They have a refreshing, juicy taste that is the right combination of tangy and sweet and seem to always be crunchy – and who doesn’t like good crunch in their apple?

They are nice and compact in size, low GI and are packed full of fibre, vitamins B and C and potassium, making them ideal for a snack pre or post workout or, just because.

They are also great to cook with and were perfect in this apple and mascarpone cake.





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