Soba Noodles with Edamame and John West Fiery Tuna

I’ve had mixed feelings about tinned tuna over the years. Mostly because of sustainability and ethical concerns. So I looked into John West before agreeing to play in the kitchen with their new Fiery range. I was pleased with what I learned. Earlier this year, John West solidified one of the most remarkable sustainability movements in history; overhauling their supply chain to become MSC certified, the world’s best standard in sustainability.

Each can of the four flavours is marked with a blue, MSC eco-label, signifying the tuna was caught using sustainable methods and is traceable from the oceans it was caught in, to the can on supermarket shelves.

The new range brings together spice and exhilarating flavour from different cuisines. With Tangy Jalapeno, Smokey Chipotle, Red Hot Sriracha and Inferno, all varying in heat, the new flavours are a tasty way to spice up your lunch or snack.

I used the Sriracha to make this soba noodle salad. It takes less than 10 minutes



95gm tin John West Fiery Sriracha Tuna

90gm organic soba noodles

90gm edamame

sesame seeds


Cook soba noodles for 3 minutes in boiling water. Drain and place in medium sized mixing bowl.

Cook edamame for 2 minutes in boiling water. Drain and remove seeds from the pods.

Add the tin of John West Fiery Sriracha Tuna to the soba noodles and toss through gently.  If you find the noodles clumping together too much drizzle a little sesame oil to loosen them.  Add edamame, mix through then plate up on a shallow serving dish. garnish with sesame seeds and cucumber slices for freshness.

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