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I don’t like porridge.  There, I’ve said it.  I simply cannot understand how people can think that consuming something akin to wallpaper paste is a good way to start your day.  So it is not an option for me when it comes to breakfast time, and we’ve all been told a thousand times how important breakfast is.  What to have? I do like Vegemite toast, but all that bread isn’t great so that leaves the world of cereal-y muesli-y type options.  If you head to the supermarket you will find a whole aisle of them – packed full of salt and sugar and nowhere near enough goodness for you to take them seriously, and have you ever found one that has exactly what you like in it?  Me either.  So I have passed on that option too.  I went through a phase of diligently traipsing around to various health food stores, getting a little bit of this and some of that and bringing it all home to mix my own special blend but that idea was short lived.  I felt awkward trying to buy such small quantities of ingredients and that’s not taking into account the effort it took to find all the things I think should be in the bowl that starts my day.

Back to Vegemite toast?  No, thanks to Yousli.  What is Yousli?  It’s muesli with more “you” in it.  Now that is something that will get my attention, so when I was invited to Yousli HQ to find out more, I raised my hand quick smart.


With Yousli you get to create and name your own custom blend by selecting from a deliciously huge range of exciting whole foods.  Why exciting?  I hadn’t heard of some of them and learning is always fun.  Activated buckinis anyone? Best news is that it is all online and once you’ve ordered and named your blend, you can save it for future deliveries.

There are three simple steps.

  1. Pick your base: there are four to choose from including a gluten free option
  2. Add seeds and nuts: eighteen options in this section
  3. Add dried fruit: with seventeen choices, you’re bound to find what you’re after

After selecting your base you can add twelve ingredients.  If you really love one of them you can double up on it no problem, but it will count as two.  The thing I really liked is that as you are building your amazing breakfast you can hit the nutritional calculator and see exactly what goodness you are getting.  The hard work (and maths) that went into this came from respected nutritionist and author Arabella Forge.


Once you have finished your online order, you will get your Yousli anywhere in Australia within 2-5 days.  Perhaps sooner, if you are within reach of the Yousli bikes that will soon hit the streets providing same day delivery to some parts of Melbourne.


If you love the idea of tasty whole foods for breakfast but want someone else to do the thinking for you, then try one of the five pre-made Yousli options.  My favourite is Shane Delia’s Shameless Delight.

I love my Yousli.  It has everything I like in it and comes with me to work.  It’s great on its own but even better when pimped up with some yoghurt, coyo or fruit.

Thank you to Yousli and Zilla and Brook for making my day and solving my breakfast dilemma.




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