Five things you didn’t know about mushrooms

  1. The mushroom lives in its own biological kingdom. That means it is not a plant, so it has a very different nutrition profile to that of fruit and vegetables.
  2. The mushroom has all the attributes of a superfood – nutrient-rich, flavour-rich, low in kilojoules, high in bioactive compounds, antioxidants, convenient and affordable.
  3. Most mushrooms produced in Australia are the white button type (Agaricus bisporus) although there are small amounts of exotic types now grown. These mushrooms double in size every 24 hours and are grown year round. Wild mushroom season is in late autumn through early winter and is the time to lookout for pine mushrooms and slippery jacks.
  4. Like humans, mushrooms produce Vitamin D. With so many people deficient in Vitamin D, this is a excellent way to get your daily dose.  Place three regular button mushrooms in direct sunlight for an hour in winter and they will generate your daily needs of vitamin D.
  5. The characteristic savoury flavour of the mushroom comes from natural glutamates. With mushrooms in the meal, there is no need for any added flavour enhancers like salt.


Five things to make with mushrooms

  1. Start your dinner party with a duck + mushroom ‘tarte tatin’ 
  2. Dose up on superfoods with a Mushroom and Kale Soup
  3. Try something different for breakfast: remove the stems from large Portabella mushrooms, finely dice the stems and mix with good quality pork sausage meat, spinach and feta. Stuff the mushrooms and bake for about 15 minutes at 180°C.
  4. Spread wild mushroom pâté on lavosh for an elegant snack.
  5. Slice swiss brown mushrooms thickly and coat in a mixture of parmesan and breadcrumbs. Fry and serve with a herbed aioli.

The Power of Mushrooms is an excellent online resource for information and mushroom recipes and in conjunction with Prahran Market kindly invited Second Helping to checkout a mushroom farm, chat to stall holder and well known market identity Damian Pike (The Mushroom Man), and taste some wonderful mushroom dishes created by Bright Young Things – #HealthyByte.  Here’s a quick look at the day.

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  • What an awesome day you had. Love your mushroom ideas above. The crumbed Swiss Browns with herbed aioli remind me of the awesome bar snack that used to be served up at the old Tolarno’s St Kilda! Divine!!

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