Porgie and Mr Jones

What is it with the suburb of Hawthorn and violin makers? The place is full of them. I cannot think of anywhere else where you will see so many in the one area. Thankfully for anyone who likes breakfast, one violin shop has been turned into a concerto of comestibles and a most “un-Hawthorn” breakfast spot, Porgie + Mr Jones.

Calling it a breakfast spot is selling short this local treasure. It also does a mighty fine lunch and now, with chef Daniel Schelberts (Bottega and The European) at the helm, opens for dinner on Friday and Saturdays. I’m yet to try dinner but it’s on the hit list. The dinner menu is seasonal and the motto is produce that is “as local and happy as possible”.

The beloved and I headed here for a late brekkie last weekend. It had been a while since our last visit, but we were not disappointed. After only a short time we were seated at the communal table in the front room. Expect to wait if you come here on the weekend. Bookings are not taken and it is not at all unusual to find the front room with its old school desks and naked light bulbs full, the ‘good’ rooms (that make you feel like you are at a friend’s place) at the back in a similar state, and the courtyard garden also without a seat to spare. The courtyard has been closed over the winter months and the garden has been getting a bit of attention. It is the goal of Porgie + Mr Jones to have all the herbs they use come from their own garden. There is a consistently strong dedication to produce here. It’s not in your face but it deserves recognition.


Now that we are seated coffee is immediately on the way (important to have one’s priorities straight when ordering breakfast!). The Allpress organic coffee is soon in front of us and drew no complaints.


I am not at all sure why we persist with menus when we go to Porgie + Mr Jones, we always end up having the same thing. The beloved cannot go past the Mc Porgie – English muffin stuffed w/ ham off the bone, emmental cheese + creamy dreamy scrambles $4,9.


He will sometimes have a couple of these muffins that McDonald’s wish they could make or have the fruit salad (with toasted muesli, manuka honey + a pot of cleos yoghurt $11,9) or Carman’s bircher muesli w/ pear + cinnamon compote, honeyed yoghurt $10,9 first. What I really like about the breakfast menu is that the first item listed is Berocca $3,0. A woman sitting near us queried this with the waitress, asking, “but what is it?”. The waitress politely explained that it was indeed a Berocca and the customer smiled and nodded, “cool!”.

I try to branch out and try different things (and I have, truly!) but I keep coming back to the Smashed avocado w/ thyme buttered mushrooms, marinated feta + torn basil on wholegrain toast $16,9 w/ poached egg $18,9. A better combination I am yet to taste. This dish made me fall in love with Noisette sourdough wholegrain.


If you Google Porgie + Mr Jones you get 31,400 hits. I have not checked all of them, but needless to say it is a very well frequented and oft blogged destination. With good cause. What they do here, they do very well. I have always found the service friendly, helpful and professional. Even at the busy times, they seem to keep it together.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I come back? Yes.  If you get a chance, give it a try.

Porgie + Mr Jones

291 Auburn Road

Hawthorn VIC 3122

03 9882 2955


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  • Your review on Porgie was great. I stumbled across your review and after seeing and hearing about the avocado dish, just had to go to try it.. and it CERTAINLY did not dissapoint. We just loved the place. If fact i have been three times in two weeks 😛 The staff were so lovely, and they already recognise me when i go in there now 🙂 I wish it was closer to home (i am in Fitzroy) GET them to open one in my AREA!
    thanks again 🙂

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