In season: Cherries


A large bowl of cherries as a centre piece in summer is decadent. With a short picking season, and what can be a delicate, easily spoiled crop, cherries are usually expensive. Despite their expense they should be enjoyed.

That juicy bite into the red flesh of a cherry is one of the joys of summer. The crack of the skin, the drip of sweet juice down your hand or chin.

They’re at their best in Australia in December, though later varieties, and the Tasmanian cherries are available through January and early February. Cherries are one of the few items in our modern world that have remained a truly seasonal treat.

Known for a variety of health benefits, these sweet little morsels of goodness are bursting with antioxidants. They need to be eaten as fresh as possible and when harvested just at the right time, the taste is truly sublime.



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