Say Hõla to Tequila Blu

The days are long and sunny (well, most of the time) making it the perfect time for embracing the cocktail. Tequila Blu sent Second Helping a bottle of their very special tequila so we could test out our mixology skills and have our own cocktail hour.

tequila blu bottleAccording to Tequila Blu, theirs tastes how true tequila should because unlike common ‘mixtos’ tequila, it is made from 100% blue agave grown in 4 different regions of Mexico to perfectly balance the flavour. Sounds impressive.

Many a cocktail drinker doesn’t know that unlike most ‘aged’ spirits, tequila’s ‘ageing’ is done in the ground. The agave plants grow for 8-10 years before they are deemed ready for harvest, at which point they are harvested by hand – a method that relies on centuries-old know how. With a combination of traditional and modern techniques, the thick honey juice of the agave is extracted, fermented and distilled twice before it’s rested in American Oak barrels for 6 months to create a beautifully balanced reposado (rested) tequila.

To further accentuate the sweet aromas of the agave and oak barrels, Tequila Blu is then cold filtered, creating the notes of honey and vanilla that provide its ultra smooth finish.

But enough talk, it’s time for a drink.

Here are some of our creations.  Measurements are for a single cocktail – multiply as you need.

Fresa Blu

fresabluglass45ml Tequila Blu

20ml Cointreau

8 large frozen strawberries (buy them in season and freeze them in ziplock bags in small portions, then just use what you need. You could substitute fresh strawberries and ice, but we found this gave a great consistency to the finished drink)

Flesh of one blood lime (or juice of half a lime). The Australian Blood Lime is a hybrid between the red finger lime and the Rangpur lime. It is intensely red and has a sharp, crisp flavour.

Blend until smooth, pour into your favourite cocktail glass and       top up with limonata.

Blu Blood

twococktails45ml Tequila Blu

125ml blood orange juice

125ml soda water

seeds from one vanilla pod

1 tsp sugar syrup

ice cubes

lime to garnish

Build over ice in a tall glass.



For more great tequila cocktails check out the Tequila Blu website.

Main photo credit: Ros O’Gorman



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